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Coach in Training

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The CIT program at Deep Blue Athletics is a formal program which teaches athletes the skills required to become Certified Coaches. These Coaches In Training assist Deep Blue Certified Coaches throughout the season during regular scheduled practices and competitions/events. The also attend one meeting per month and work through our CIT program handbook which gives then direct experience with things like lesson plans, routine building and working with children. The program has been very successful over the years, and many athletes are now hired coaches! This program has allowed us to develop and mentor willing athletes that continue to inspire and motivate our younger athletes in the program.

Benefits of the C.I.T Program

  • All hours recorded as C.I.T’s can be used towards Community Hours required for high school students.

  • The program is a great way to continue to develop time management, leadership qualities, and coaching skills.

  • Chance to foster your love for the support of cheerleading through teaching younger athletes.

  • A great resume builder, and DBA coaches make great reference contacts!

  • A great stepping stone for any athletes wishing to pursue a position as a cheerleading coach birthday party assistant, recreational, and/or tumbling coach in the future.

Expectations and Requirements of C.I.T Candidates

  • C.I.T’s must be a registered Deep Blue athlete that is 12 years of age and over

  • Attend, and be punctual for practices and events

  • Be a positive role model for all athletes, maintaining a high example of behaviour while representing DBA both in and out of the gym.

  • Be cooperative and helpful to coaches and athletes

  • Work hard, take directions from head and assistant coaches, and strive for excellence

  • To call /email/contact the coach or office if not attending or not wish to continue at any time.

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